Volume 3, 2007

Commemorating 30 years of The Glasgow Edition of the Works and Correspondence of Adam Smith

Editor’s Introduction
Interview with D.D. Raphael

Donald Winch

Foxwell, Rae and Adam Smith

F.P. Lock

Adam Smith and ‘the man of system’: interpreting The Theory of Moral Sentiments, VI.ii.2.12–18

Symposium: Adam Smith’s Philosophy of Education
Jack Russell Weinstein

Introduction: Adam Smith’s philosophy of education

Alexandra Hyard

Adam Smith and French ideas on education
Gloria Vivenza Adam Smith as a teacher on classical subjects
Charles G. Leathers & J. Patrick Raines Adam Smith’s [weak] case for fee incomes for university faculty and student-consumer sovereignty
Pedro N. Teixeira Dr Smith and the moderns: Adam Smith and the development of human capital theory

Perspectives on recent developments in Adam Smith scholarship
Anthony Brewer

Let us now praise famous men: assessments of Adam Smith’s economics

Book Reviews
Alexander Broadie (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to the Scottish Enlightenment

Reviewed by Stephen Darwall

Jerry Evensky, Adam Smith’s Moral Philosophy: A Historical and Contemporary Perspective on Markets, Law, Ethics and Culture

Reviewed by Samuel Fleischacker
Response by Jerry Evensky

Pierre Force, Self-Interest Before Adam Smith: A Genealogy of Economic Science

Reviewed by Eric Schliesser
Response by Pierre Force

Gavin Kennedy, Adam Smith’s Lost Legacy

Reviewed by Edward Harpham
Response by Gavin Kennedy

Alessandro Roncaglia, The Wealth of Ideas: A History of Economic Thought

Reviewed by Anthony Brewer
Response by Alessandro Roncaglia

Paul Seabright, The Company of Strangers: A Natural History of Economic Life

Reviewed by Ryan Nichols
Response by Paul Seabright
Tatsuya Sakamoto and Hideo Tanaka, The Rise of Political Economy in the Scottish Enlightenment Reviewed by Iain Mclean