Volume 2, 2006

Symposium: Adam Smith's Moral Theory and the Theory of Choice
Guest Editor: Elias L. Khalil

Elias L. Khalil

Introduction: Smith the hedgehog

Roberto Scazzieri

A Smithian theory of choice

Jeffrey T. Young

Adam Smith and new institutional theories of property rights

Eric Schliesser

Articulating practices as reasons: Adam Smith on the social conditions of possibility of property

Jean-Pierre Dupuy

Invidious sympathy in The Theory of Moral Sentiments

Brendan Long

Adam Smith's natural theology of society

Perspectives on recent developments in Adam Smith scholarship
Catherine Labio

The solution is in the text: a survey of the recent literary turn in Adam Smith studies

Comments and Debate
Charles L. Griswold

On the incompleteness of Adam Smith's system

Ian Simpson Ross

Reply to Charles Griswold: 'On the incompleteness of Adam Smith's system'

Is life a marketplace? Symposium on James R. Otteson's Adam Smith and the Marketplace of Life
Fonna Forman-Barzilai

Guest Editor: Introduction

Lauren Brubaker

Why Adam Smith is neither a conservative nor a libertarian

Maria Pia Paganelli

Adam Smith: why decentralized systems?

Eric Schliesser

Adam Smith's theoretical endorsement of deception

James R. Otteson

Markets, markets everywhere: a brief response to critics

Symposium on Samuel Fleischacker's On Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations
Ryan Patrick Hanley

Guest Editor: Introduction

Jerry Z. Muller

The portrait and the painter

Frederick Neuhouser

The Wealth of Nations and social science

David Raynor

Adam Smith and the virtues

Samuel Fleischacker


Book Reviews
James E. Alvey, Adam Smith: Optimist or Pessimist? A New Problem Concerning the Teleological Basis of Commercial Society

Reviewed by Craig Smith
Response by James E. Alvey

Michaël Biziou, Adam Smith et l'origine du libéralisme

Reviewed by Richard Boyd
Response by Michaël Biziou

Peter Groenewegen, Eighteenth-Century Economics: Turgot, Beccaria and Smith and Their Contemporaries

Reviewed by Christophe Salvat

Gordon Macintyre, Dugald Stewart: The Pride and Ornament of Scotland

Reviewed by Thomas Ahnert

Leonidas Montes, Adam Smith in Context: A Critical Reassessment of Some Central Components of His Thought

Reviewed by Neil Hargraves
Response by Leonidas Montes

Keith Tribe (ed.), A Critical Bibliography of Adam Smith

Reviewed by Richard F. Teichgraeber III
Response by Keith Tribe

Correction and Clarification
Richard B. Sher

The registration of the Wealth of Nations

Conference Report: Addendum