Volume 7, 2013


Adam Smith Review 7



              Fonna Forman


Andrew Skinner: A Personal Appreciation

              Christopher Berry


Mr. Cropsey, A Memorial
              Eric Schliesser



Symposium: Smith and Women

Guest Editor: Maureen Harkin  

1.1 Adam Smith and Women: Introduction

              Maureen Harkin

1.2 The Invisible Hands; Adam Smith and the Women in his Life

              Edith Kuiper

1.3 Grave, Philosophical and Cool Reasoner: Mary Wollstonecraft on the use of Gender in Adam Smith

              N.B. Leddy

1.4 Sophie de Grouchy-Condorcet’s Translation of Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments

              Catriona Seth

1.5 Adam Smith on Women: Nature, History, and Liberty

              Henry C. Clark

1.6 Love, Marriage and Virtue: Mary Wollstonecraft and Sophie de Grouchy, marquise de Condorcet, Respond to The Theory of Moral Sentiments

              Deidre Dawson


Symposium: Adam Smith in Greece

Guest Editor: Dionysios Drosos

2.1 Impartial Spectatorship and Moral Community in Adam Smith’s Vision of the Enlightenment

              Dionysios Drosos

2.2 The Universal Legislator, the Impartial Spectator and the sensus communis: Kant and Smith on Morality and Judgment

              Fotini Vaki

2.3 Adam Smith’s Bipolar Approach to Law

              Ioannis A. Tassopoulos

2.4 The Two Sources of Corruption of Moral Sentiments in Adam Smith

              Spiros Tegos

2.5 The Reception of Adam Smith in Greece: a Most Peculiar metakenosis

              Nicholas J. Theocarakis


Symposium on Nicholas Phillipson's Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life

Guest Editor: Jeremy Jennings

3.1 Introduction  

              Jeremy Jennings

3.2 Moral Theory in an Enlightened Life

              Ryan Patrick Hanley 

3.3 Das Rousseau Probleme: Adam Smith’s Politics and Economics

              Chandran Kukathas

3.4 A Short Comment on the Long History of Smith Biography

              Donald Winch 

3.5 Smith, Moral Portraiture and the Science of Man

              Fonna Forman

3.6 Comments on Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life by Nicholas Phillipson

              Craig Smith 

3.7 A Response to My Readers

              Nicholas Phillipson  


Symposium on Michael L. Fraser's The Enlightenment of Sympathy: Justice and the Moral Sentiments in the Eighteenth Century and Today.

Guest Editor: Chad Flanders

4.1 The Mind as a Whole: Comments on Frazer’s Enlightenment of Sympathy

              Chad Flanders

4.2 Michael Frazer, The Enlightenment of Sympathy: Justice and the Moral Sentiments in the Eighteenth Century and Today

              Emily Nacol

4.3 Reassessing Sympathy: Response to The Enlightenment of Sympathy

              Andrea Radasanu

4.4 Sentimentalism, Autonomy, and Holism:  Comments on Michael Frazer's Enlightenment of Sympathy

              Rachel Zuckert

4.5 Reply to Critics

              Michael L. Fraser



5.1 The Philosopher, the Geologist, and the Piobaireachd Competition: Adam Smith’s Musical Experiment

              Ian S. Ross   

5.2 Unfolding the Allegory Behind Market Communication and Social Error and Correction

              Daniel B. Klein    


Book Reviews

Fonna Forman-Barzilai, Adam Smith and the Circles of Sympathy

Reviewed by Douglas J. Den Uyl

              Response by Fonna Forman

Ryan Hanley, Adam Smith and the Character of Virtue

Reviewed by James A. Harris

              Response by Ryan Hanley

Willie Henderson, Evaluating Adam Smith: Creating the Wealth of Nations 

Reviewed by Geoffrey Kellow

Jan Horst Keppler, Adam Smith and the Economy of the Passions

Reviewed by Paul Dumouchel

              Response by Jan Horst Keppler

Paul Oslington, ed., Adam Smith as Theologian

Reviewed by Ryan Hanley

              Response by Paul Oslington

Spencer J. Pack, Aristotle, Adam Smith and Karl Marx: On Some Fundamental Issues in 21st Century Political Economy

Reviewed by Adrian Walsh

              Response by Spencer J. Pack

Dennis C. Rasmussen, The Problems and Promise of Commercial Society: Adam Smith’s Response to Rousseau.

Reviewed By Daniel B. Klein

              Response by Dennis C. Rasmussen