Adam Smith Review Volume 10


0.1 Editorial Introduction

              Fonna Forman


0.2  Ian Ross Memorial

              Neven Leddy


1 History of Economics Society Symposium: Smith's Continuing Impact on the History of Economics                                                                                                                                      

Guest Editor: Maria Pia Paganelli

              1.1 Introduction

                            Maria Pia Paganelli

              1.2 Adam Smith, the Patterns of Foreign Trade and the Division of Labour: A Country as a Jack-of-All-Trades Rather Than a Specialist

                            Reinhard Schumacher

              1.3 An Investigation into the Smithian System of Sympathy: from Cognition to Emotion

                            Laurie Bréban 

              1.4 Adam Smith and Gaetano Filangieri: Two alternative faces of Enlightenment science of legislator

                            Fabrizio Simon

              1.5 Adam Smith’s Oikeiōsis Revisited

Robert F. Garnett, Jr.

              1.6 Adam Smith and the Scottish model of education: a Scottish bias

                            Maria Pia Paganelli




2 Symposium on Dennis Rasmussen’s Pragmatic Enlightenment: Recovering the Liberalism of Hume, Smith, Montesquieu and Voltaire.                                                           

2.1 Introduction

                            Emily Nacol

              2.2 Dennis C. Rasmussen. Pragmatic Enlightenment: Recovering the Liberalism of Hume, Smith, Montesquieu and Voltaire. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014, vii + 349.

                            Christopher J. Berry

              2.3 Philosophes in the Dock: A Review of Dennis C. Rasmussen’s The Pragmatic Enlightenment

                            Keegan Callanan


              2.4 Moderation in All Things

                            Michael L. Frazer


              2.5 The Pragmatic Enlightenment: A Response to Berry, Callanan, and Frazer

                            Dennis C. Rasmussen



3. Symposium on Lisa Herzog’s Inventing the Market: Smith, Hegel and Political Theory    

              3.1 Introduction

Lisa Herzog                                               

3.2 Book Review of Inventing the Market: Smith, Hegel, and Political Theory

Michelle Schwarze                                   

3.3 Review of Herzog, Lisa. 2013. Inventing the Market: Smith, Hegel, and Political Theory. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Deborah Boncoyannis

3.4 Reflections on the Systems of Smith and Hegel Inspired by Lisa Herzog's Inventing the Market: Smith, Hegel and Political Theory

Spencer Pack    

3.6 Response to Critics

              Lisa Herzog



4. Articles                                                                                                                                       

              4.1 Two Theories of Economic Liberalism                                                              

Mark Reiff

4.2 Adam Smith’s Influence on British Income Tax

John F. Avery Jones                                                                           

4.3 Invisible Beings: Adam Smith’s Lectures on Natural Theology

Sergio Cremaschi                                                                                                          

4.4 The Race for Wealth: Smith’s Effective Therapy to Put Anxiety to Task

Tiziano Rafaeli                                                                                   

4.5 Agrarian Alternatives to Slavery in the Works of Adam Smith, Frances Wright, and Robert Wedderburn

Hilary Fezzey                

              4.6 On Adam Smith’s “Original Error with Respect to Value”

                            Ferdinando Meacci                     



5. Book Reviews

              Edited by Craig Smith

Alexander Broadie, Agreeable Connexions. Scottish Enlightenment Links with France

Reviewed by Mikko Tolonen




Eleanor Courtemanche, The 'Invisible Hand' and British Fiction, 1818-1860: Adam Smith, Political Economy, and the Genre of Realism

Reviewed by Maureen Harkin

Eleanor Courtemanche’s Response to Review by Maureen Harkin


Mike Hill and Warren Montag, The Other Adam Smith

Reviewed by Spencer J. Pack

Mike Hill’s and Warren Montag’s Response to Spencer J. Pack's Review


David F. Hardwick and Leslie Marsh (eds), Propriety and Prosperity: New Studies on the Philosophy of Adam Smith

Reviewed by Işıl Çeşmeli


Wade L. Robison, David B. Suits (eds.), New Essays on Adam Smith’s Moral Philosophy

Reviewed by Anna Markwart


Jack Russell Weinstein, Adam Smith’s Pluralism: Rationality, Education, and the Moral Sentiments]

Reviewed by John McHugh

Jack Russell Weinstein’s Response to John McHugh’s Review